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                                                  " Creativity is the highest kite ever flown" - Lauren Bacall


                                                                    Contagious creativity:   

                                                                                                             + touches hearts

                                                                                                             + healing women

                                                                                       + spread the LOVE!


Two Lattes for Love


      Invite a friend to STOP, PRAY, and GIVE


           Love STOPS for the forgotten


               Love SEES the opressed


    Love STANDS with persecuted Christians


              Love ACTS to change lives


              Love PRAYS with a friend


          Love KNOWS now is NEVER AGAIN


       Love GIVES the cost of 2 lattes to send aid


The time is now, we can all do something




  Your financial gift will help supply needed items to Christan and other ethnic refugees whose hearts and lives are ripped apart. Show the suffering they are not forgotten. 


       Love LOOKS like something!


Act now!

Love Knocks


An inspiring story of encountering love on a 21 day journey. Written  from the heart of a woman fashioned by Gods-design, connecting you with hope.  Hopefully the devotional will engage your heart to see more! All the proceeds will raise money for women's projects worldwide. Healing and tears will flow,like this mom in Texas who sent a  response from a page that touched her: "the anchor of hope was released as she set sail"  for her son's healing.

Please order your book today through pay pal, discounts apply on larger orders.

text 602 741 2844 



The           of the Home




 Come with us to the land of the Bible!  We help families making Aliya. Sit and worship with them in the Moshave. You will connect to their heart and learn their story.


Hospitality nourishes many, so let's break bread together and help their "right of return"! We will return "kindness" by purchasing something new for their home.  Your donation of $150.00 will purchase a few new pots and pans, or go towards furniture  for a new start!


    Love from our hearts to their homes.

If you want to partner with us and learn more about our project in Israel,  please contact us


He who blesses Israel will be blessed!



Zara has a hebrew root word  SOW, it is Full of colors!


We are planing to explore and expand what women are doing around the world to come out of bondage. We will use their colors in textiles, art and other creative expressions to display G-d's beauty.


We all will be sown to the nations by our prayers and partnering with CCI.


'And I will sow them among the people: and they shall remember me in far countries.'0




Watch for photos, fabrics and fun! 

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