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 Mary Ann Hopkins has been President of Room Service LLC  an interior design company in Phoenix Arizona and worked on projects in various states all the way to Hawaii. She has travelled the world looking for opportunities to serve others utilizing her design and creative talents. As a "Minister of the Interior" doors have opened to change hearts and homes. Her daughter Joy Hopkins co-founder of is a film major but shifted gears from art production to follow her mom joining Everything Creative in San Diego. They both are passionate about travel and seeing clients light up when their spaces are transformed. 

  After years of making other clients homes beautiful, now is the time to reignite  dark spaces in other women's worlds where hope is dim. She has been published in design magazines and in the book Spectacular Homes of the Southwest and newly completed book Love Knocks. This last book on her 21 days of encountering love she plans on using as a teaching tool and resource to raise money for the women's projects. You may order this book on pay pal tab. Please note,all proceeds go to further women's projects world.





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